Talking about the characteristics of motor insulation blowing cleaning and washing

Insulation blowing cleaning significance Dust and oil sludge damage to the motor insulation are as follows:

  1) The dust on the insulating surface is combined with oil vapor and moisture for a long time to form a hard shell, which gradually cracks under the action of thermal stress, which also causes cracks in the insulating paint film and paint layer, which is easy to cause inter-turn, inter-phase and ground insulation Breakdown failure.

  2) Due to the mechanical and chemical effects of the dust, erosion of the winding insulation is the main factor that destroys the insulation.

  3) Dust immersed in the insulation gap acts as an “abrasive” to the insulation of electromagnetically vibrating conductors, resulting in short-circuit faults between turns.

  4) Due to the influence of dust, the tangent of the dielectric loss of the motor will increase, the leakage current will increase, and the creepage distance of the insulating surface will be shortened.

  5) The dust falling on the surface of the winding, iron core and casing makes the heat dissipation condition of the motor worse, and reduces the effect of ventilation and cooling.

  Therefore, it is necessary to clean the winding insulation regularly by blowing, but you must master the blowing cleaning process, otherwise the effect is not high and even harmful.

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