Spare parts Engine of main engine HANSHIN SERIES

EL30, EL32, EL35, EL40, EL44, ELS35, ELS44, 6L26, 6L26BSH, LF50A, LH26G, LH28, LH31G, LH34LA, LH41, LU28 (A, R, G), LU32, LU35, LU38, LU40, LU46 (A), LU50, LU54, LUN28, LUD24, LUD26, LUD32, LUD35, LUS28, LUS38, LUS40,
Cylinder Liner Piston Crown Exhaust valve seat
Fuel injector / Fuel Nozzle Indicator Valve Fuel pressure pipe
Stuffing Box Exhaust valve Spindle Piston ring
Cylinder Cover Piston Crown Tools
Fuel Pump Water cooling jacket Gaskets & Seals

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