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A hand winch is a simple device that will help you pull large and heavy items easily on the barge or ashore. A marine winch helps in adjusting the tension of wires and cables on a boat. If you are in the marine industry looking for a new ship hand winch, or if you’re getting into business and are exploring your options, I’m here to help you out!

C56 marine-grade hand winch
Dia of wire rope 56mm
Capacity of drum 260m

Many of you might wonder why I spend time and manual labor operating a hand winch when I can go for an electric one? It sure does sound like the better option. There is stiff competition between electric hand winch and hand-operated in the marine industry right now. Many have shifted to using marine electric winches, choosing electricity over manual strength. However, many people still swear by hand-operated winches, purely for their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and old school, tried and tested efficiency. I’m here to make a case for the manual winch, hoping you will make the right choice once you listen to what I have to say.

Here are 6 points advantage of marine hand winches :

No power supply needed:

You don’t need a power supply. Electricity can be costly, and you’ll be spending a lot of money on it if you have a power-operated hand winch. A hand winch will cut costs, and it will make sure you can continue work without hindrances in case of a power cut or in case you’re at a site that doesn’t have any power connections.


Hand winches are more durable. The painting system of marine hand winches is a marine finish. They last, and they last very long. Investing in a hand winch ensures that you’re set for a good ten to fifteen years. Sure, it might need some reparations from time to time, depending on the frequency of its work and the amount of weight it is lifting, but it is sure to last you a long time, more so than any electric winch in the market.

Easy heavy lifting:

A good, sturdy hand winch can do almost any kind of lifting. We tend to underestimate exactly how powerful a hand winch can be, given that we assume manually operated machines must be inferior. But a hand winch makes a breeze of the biggest, heaviest work. The marine hand winches could use wire rope and pp rope winding your goods—our pull capacity from 1T to 20T. And our holding load is from 20T to 200T.


You can move hand winches with ease. Load it up in the back of your trunk. Lifting is not a multi-person job. If you are moving the machine and going to different places or sites, you should consider the portability factor.

Easier Maintenance:

Hand winches require less maintenance work than electric winches. They are also easier to repair if the need ever arises, which is rarely so. Since they have lesser constituent parts, it becomes easier to repair them. Without the hassle of electric functions, they don’t need constant care and management.


Most importantly, hand winches are affordable and cost-effective. They cut costs on electricity, repairs, maintenance and are a long-time investment, promising effective durability. This makes them the best option for businesses or personal or home use.

In this article, we’ll look at the following things briefly:

1 How does a hand winch work?

tounge of 4T manual winch for sale
the tongue of 4T manual winch for sale
support wall of 4T manual winch for sale
axle of 4T manual winch for sale
the axle of 4T manual winch for sale
Drum and gear of 4T manual winch for sale
Drum and gear of 4T manual winch for sale
8T marine grade manual winch
8T marine grade manual winch

The hand-powered winch contains a frame, drum, one stage gears, handwheels, brakes, pawls, and ratchets. The wire rope or pp rope is directed to the downside of the drum. The mechanism behind the winch is quite easy. The rope that wraps around the drum is held steady by the winch. The entire machine is fitted into the floor. If you wind the rope in, the winch pulls a heavy item. If you wind the rope out, it pushes. A marine-grade winch would typically be used for lifting heavy loads, or if in a boat, to raise or lower goods by pulling on the rope.

8T marine grade manual winch
8T marine grade manual winch

8T marine grade manual winch
Safe Working load 8T
Dia of wire rope 24mm
Capacity of drum 80m(3 layers)

Hand winches can be of several varieties. They use various kinds of parts that affect performance differently. The drum, for example, can have single or split reels, making sure pulling takes place from one or both sides, as required. Cranks can be standard type, ratchet, or with a loop drive. Gears can also vary across models.

Our winch supports a rope with 19 mm diameter, the drum capacity is 100 m, and can hold a load up to 50 kg.

Image credit alamy

2 How does a winch differ from a hoist?

We tend to confuse the two machines, and that is understandable. However, the two differ on a basic aspect. A hoist lifts loads that are suspended, while a winch moves loads across plain surfaces. Winches lift loads through sheaves while hoists suspend them overhead.


I always recommend using winches over hoists since the latter tend to pose a huge safety hazard on site. Manual winches are lighter, easy to move around. They can be mounted on almost all plain surfaces – walls, tables, decks. Plus, they don’t suspend huge, heavy objects atop people’s heads, which is certainly an advantage they’ve got over hoists. The best way to choose between the two is to answer a question about the worst-case scenario – what happens if the rope gets cut?

3 How much weight can a hand-operated winch lift?

While the lifting capacities of hand winches vary across models, sizes,, a good hand winch can lift anywhere 50T. Winches are rated according to how much weight they can support. Of course, what kind of winch is needed depends on the kind of work one is engaged in, and for a marine winch, this will also depend on the kind of work, rollers, deck size, and other factors. Usually, a 2:1 ratio comes in handy.

You can also use another simple foundation to determine what size winch you will be needing. Estimate the highest item you will be lifting, and match the machine specifications with your needs.

They offer winches that can lift around 2000-4600 lbs. of weight, while Pacific Marine’s winches have a capacity of 15 tons.

4 How do I operate my hand winch?

Safe Manual Winch Practices and Procedures from Youtube

Operating a hand winch is effortless. They don’t require much expertise or practice and can be used by most people without any complications. They only require a steady hand and a bit of strength. You can follow the steps mentioned in this detailed guide. This is a general guide, but you can find special ones for marine and non-marine purposes.

  1. You should start by wrapping/hooking a strap or chain around a stable, strong object. This can be a wall, deck, post. On your boat, this will be a hook or a pole.
  2. Now, connect the winch to the chain. Also, connect it to the object you intend to move. On your boat, it will be the winch handle only. This should be done with the help of the winch’s cable spool/drum ratchet.
  3. Make sure the attachments are secure. The cord/chain should be wrapped tightly and firmly to the anchor wall or post. It shouldn’t be loose, lest you have to start the entire process again. The machine should be attached to both the objects securely, ensuring that the process will be as smooth as possible.
  4. Start cranking the lever. Push or pull according to your needs. You don’t need to use much brute strength. Keep cranking until the object has been moved to your desired position. This will not be a difficult or very long process.
  5. Slowly release the tension on the winch cable. Unhook the objects from the winch and unwrap the chain from the former anchor object.

5 Maintenance for your Hand Winch

50kN Hand Winch
Statical force at drum 10T
Dinamic force at drum using the hand wheel : 35kN
using the ratched lever : 50kN
Drum capacity Ø38mm X 200m ( 4 layers )

While hand winches are durable and long-lasting, they need maintenance and reparations from time to time to increase life and optimum performance. You will, of course, receive a maintenance manual, but here are some tips I swear by:

The frequency of service and reparations depends on use. If you are using the winch often, you need to service it more often. Be smart in your approach. Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty. You need to pick up the right tools and get to work.

• Clean off excess and old grease often. Make sure everything is intact; there should be no chipped parts, holes, or deep cuts. Also, check for corrosion.

• Relubrication is important. You can use winch grease – apply it with a paintbrush. Apply to each gear carefully and to the shaft. Make sure you’re not greasing pawls and springs. Pawls have a special pawl oil that you can order online easily.

• Check wire rope. If it is damaged, you should replace it.

Here are some additional tips for you.


A hand winch will be a beneficial product useful in lifting weights and controlling boats to move them ashore. Hand winches are affordable, efficient, and durable, making them the perfect tool. Maintenance is easy. It can be done by us all.

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