A list and brief introduction of the marine diesel engines manufacturers in China(2021)

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CSSC MES Diesel Co., Ltd. (CMD)

CSSC MES Diesel Co., Ltd(CMD) is a marine high power low-speed diesel engine manufacturer jointly invested by China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Shipbuilding Corporation, and a joint-stock company. The company is located in Shanghai Lingang new city heavy The company is located in Shanghai Lingang new city heavy equipment industry zone, covering an area of nearly equipment industry zone, covering an area of nearly 400,000 square meters, South Yangshan deep400,000 square meters, South Yangshan deepwater Port, water Port, North Pudong International Airport, location advantagNorth Pudong International Airport, location advantages are es are very obvious. very obvious.

The company’s total investment exceeds 2.8 billion yuan, divided into two phases of construction, the first phase of the project investment of 1.4 billion yuan, the current registered capital of 706 million yuan. The company has large CNC equipment and modern heavy-duty testing equipment, and the introduction of Maine and Wärtsilä patented technology, the main production cylinder diameter of 600 mm or more marine high power low-speed diesel engines.

In 2008, the company has formed an annual production capacity of 100,000 horsepower diesel engines; in 2009, the completion of the first phase of the project, the company will form an annual production capacity of 170,000 horsepower diesel engines; Upon completion, the company will have an annual production capacity of more than 3 million horsepower, and will become the core and backbone of China’s marine low-speed diesel engine manufacturing industry. So far, the company has delivered more than 2 million horsepower of diesel engine, and successfully manufactured China’s first world’s largest cylinder diesel engine CMD MAN B & AMP; W 8K98MC in July 2008. In 2008, the company passed the Shanghai high in 2008, the company passed the Shanghai high–tech Enterprise Certification and ISO9001:2000 Quality Enterprise Certification and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification.

CSR ZiYang Locomotive Co., Ltd.CSR

CSR Corporation Limited’s CSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. , founded in 1966, is the only locomotive manufacturer in western China built and nurtured by the Ministry of Railways. The company is one of the eight major equipment chain enterprises in Sichuan province, which plays an important role in the independent innovation of China’s major equipment manufacturing and the development of the west.

The company has the second largest number of new locomotives in China, exported to 16 countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas, and is the largest supplier of locomotives in Turkmenistan and Vietnam. The engine produced by the company is used in locomotive, ship and power generation field. It is a well-known supplier of complete sets of engineering ship equipment and high-power gas engine. The company produces medium-speed engine crankshaft market share of 70% , exported to Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, India, Pakistan and other countries, India is the largest locomotive crankshaft suppliers in India.

The company has advanced precision equipment and testing equipment, a total of more than 2400 sets of various types of mechanical equipment, through the optimization and integration of enterprise quality resources, to form a six-axis electric locomotive, export diesel locomotive as the representative of the locomotive industry, the engine industry, represented by gas engines and marine engines, and the heavy equipment industry, represented by full-section tunnel boring machine and tunnel construction machinery, all-fiber forging steel crankshaft of medium speed engine and large forging casting are the representative of the superior parts industry.

The company has passed the “China National Laboratory”accreditation, is the national level measurement unit, passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System 2000 version, ISO14000 Environmental Management System and OHSMS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification.

The company has set up a national post-doctoral research station to vigorously implement the technology innovation strategy of “Bringing in outside and bringing in inside”, we have successively introduced the manufacturing technology of radial bogies for EMD locomotives in the United States, the 36 series engine manufacturing technology of Caterpillar in the United States, the marine engine manufacturing technology of MAN in Germany 27/38 and 32/40, and the 30G gas engine manufacturing technology of Mitsubishi in Japan, the core competitiveness of enterprises is constantly improving. The company cooperates with Southwest Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to become a well-known high-standard R & D and Manufacturing Center for key components such as locomotives, engines, full-section tunnel boring machines, and crankshafts.

Uphold the “Integrity, dedication, innovation, beyond”spirit of the CSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. , is working with Four Seas bingpeng, dedicated to transport and power equipment speed and strength of continuous improvement, towards a higher goal.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Diesel Engine Co LTD

1、MAN Diesel

Bore size with 350mm up to 900mm

G type which is the latest type of green and environmental-friendly engine model from MDT noted for its ultra-long-stroke and lower output at a lower speed to benefit lower running propellers and oil consumptions

2、Win GD Diesel

Bore size with 350mm up to 840mm

The latest X type engine series, featuring electronically-controlled common-rail tech with 90%optimized components and super long-stroke , shows tight compact design,easy-touch operation, reliable at a higher grade, and a sound performance on fuel oil consumption and exhaust gas emission control to balance the cost-effect for vessel operation

3、J-ENG Diesel

Bore size with 330mm up to 600mm

Economical; Easy maintenance; Environmentally friendly

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Diesel Engine Co LTD belongs to China Shipping Group Co. Ltd . China Fuelwood was incorporated in the Ō-Shima district of Qingdao on 28 April 2017. The company is located in the state-level Qingdao West Coast New Area shipbuilding and repair industry base, under the jurisdiction of Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (YMD), Dalian Reciprocating Diesel Engines Co., Ltd. (DMD), Qingdao Haixi Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (QMD) three manufacturing base.

The main business of the company is the manufacture and after-sales service of marine low-speed diesel engines, the manufacture and after-sales service of main engines of land-based power stations, the manufacture of energy equipment, the manufacture of heavy accessories for diesel engines and the manufacture of ship parts, etc. , production links cover casting, welding, heat treatment, machining, final assembly, commissioning and so on.

China ship diesel adheres to the innovative enterprise development path of “Green environmental protection, leading technology and leading service”, and strives to create the most competitive diesel engine development and service enterprises, to provide users with safe and reliable, stable performance, low consumption and environmental protection products and professional and rapid life cycle services.

Qingdao base: development and manufacture of a full range of low-speed diesel engines

Dalian base: production, test and delivery base of medium and large cylinder diameter low speed diesel engine

Yichang base: a base for manufacturing and supporting diesel engine components and energy products

Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co., Ltd

Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise mainly engaging in marine diesel engines. Registered and established in August 2007 in Hefei City, the company is located between east Paihe River and west Susong Road in Hefei Economic & Technological Development Zone of Anhui province.

The project is listed as one of Anhui’s “861 projects” and Hefei’s “121” key project. Approved by National Development and Reform Committee on March 6, 2009, it is the first and the only private enterprise that was approved by the committee to manufacture low-speed engines in China.

Ronan Power had already signed the licensing agreements with Wartsila and MAN to manufacture low-speed diesel engines with a cylinder bore range from 350mm to 980 mm. The first engine-ROGAN-WARTSILA 6RT-flex68-D which was exported to Brazil was delivered on 22, Oct. 2009. In June 2010, China’s first 7RT-flex82T engine manufactured by RongAn was successfully delivered and the following manufacture of other models of WARTSILA and MAN engines will be carried out in succession.

Following the strategy of Rongsheng Investment Group, RongAn Power will start from low-speed diesel engine project and will establish RongAn Power Machinery Industrial Park in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, in which main marine products, including low-speed and medium-speed engines, propellers, and ship crankshafts will be manufactured and a comprehensive solution for marine power system will be provided to customers.

The company adheres to the principle of synchronization of “plant building, talents cultivating, engine making, and benefit creating”, upholds the responsibility of satisfying customers, satisfying shareholders, satisfying the staff and satisfying community, advocates enterprise culture of passion and excellence, keeps to combining technological innovation with mechanism innovation, values talents training and introduction, cultivates RongAn- featured enterprise core competence, and achieves good economic benefits and social benefits.

Aiming at rapid development, the company bases on the strategic area of “Rise of Central China”, seize the opportunity of ship supporting industry development, and works hard to become a world-class engine maker.

Henan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd

Henan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd (hereafter abbr. “HND”), was called Henan Diesel Factory before, it was established in May 1958 and one of the most emphasis projects in the “First 5-year Plan” of P.R.C. As the first diesel engine factory of P.R.C, it is the only professional diesel engine manufacturer with high-speed and large-power in the shipbuilding industry, HND is also a member of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), and the national military enterprise under the control of China Ship Power Co., Ltd (China Power for short), stock code(600482).

HND owns the world-advanced internal-combustion engine (diesel engine, gas engine) manufacturing technology based on the German DEUTZ-MWM licensed technology. TBD234 series diesel engine, TBD604 diesel engine, and TBD620 series diesel engine are manufactured in 1985 and 1999 respectively. By the research and innovation, CHD314, CHD316,CHD620L6, and CHD622 series diesel engines, CHS-series dual-fuel engine and CHG-series gas engine and other clean energy power are developed. L16/24 and L21/31 series diesel engine manufacturing technology was introduced from MAN in 2007.

HND has completed the transformation from “introduction-digestion on-innovation” to “independent research of high-end brand”,representing the development level of the marine high-speed and large-power diesel engine in China and has realized diversified development of medium & high-speed diesel engine, clean energy power and complete set of equipment from a single high-speed diesel engine.

HND is one of the top 100 high-tech enterprises in Henan, owning the nation-recognized enterprise technical center, nation-recognized CNAS, and dual-fuel project laboratory. The engine power range is 186kW-3600kW, and the power range of generating set is 50kW-3000kW. All products are approved by CCS, ABS, RS, BV, GL-DNV, etc,part of the engine models have got C1 and C2 emission certificates.

HND products are widely used in marine and air equipment, official ship, bulk¬ cargo ship, container ship, the chemical tanker, an oil tanker, tourism ship, luxury cruise, engineering ship, fishing boat, riverboat and other fields, besides, in the fields other than shipbuilding industry, such as nuclear power, petro, coal, mining, railway, engineering machinery, and special vehicle, etc. The products are exported to various countries around the world.

HND runs an optimized marketing service network and builds 4S service, which ensures the professional service covering the full-service life of the products. Special training organization is arranged for one-to-one training and guidance for operators. Marketing service networks are set in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Dalian, and other cities, covering the whole country and providing service in time.

Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd

Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CSG, has been developing marine power systems since 1958. After more than 60 years of trials and tribulations and historical accumulation, the company has realized the whole industrial chain of “R&D, manufacturing and service” and the whole spectrum of “low, medium and high” power products, with 10 holding and participating enterprises, and the second-largest share of the international market of low-speed machines.

During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, under the unified strategic deployment of CSG, Hudong Heavy Machinery is focusing on creating the world-famous brand of “CSG Marine Power”, building a world-leading innovative and service-oriented marine power enterprise, and continuously contributing its wisdom and strength to serve the marine economy and support the marine science and technology industry.

Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant

In October 2017, China FAW established FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as “the Division”) with the Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co. It is an important business unit of the FAW commercial vehicle business and is the R&D and production base of heavy, medium, and light engines of Jiefang. The Division is located in Wuxi, Changchun, and Dalian, with its headquarters in Wuxi, covering a total area of over 870,000 square meters and employing more than 5,400 people, and its main products are diesel engines, gas engines, sports parts, remanufactured products, and common rail systems. After the establishment of the business unit, it has formed the R&D layout of Wuxi and Changchun, established “five mechanisms for technological innovation”, built a large R&D system integrating procurement, market, quality, cost, and process, and has a complete engine independent development capability. It has won the “First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress”, “Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress” and other major honors, and has become the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In 2019, it will sell 320,000 engines and achieve a sales revenue of RMB 15.08 billion. In the future, the division will adhere to the brand vision of “national brand, high-end power”, continue to deepen corporate reform, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, steadily promote intelligent manufacturing, make every effort to build a green, efficient and intelligent engine powertrain, create greater value for the majority of users, continue to strengthen and expand the independent business of FAW Liberation engines, and contribute to the We will continue to strengthen and expand the independent business of FAW Jiefang Engine, and make new contributions to help FAW Jiefang achieve the goal of “China’s first, world-class”. Actively respond to the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of FAW, and make the national automobile brand up!


CNPC JICHAI POWER COMPANY LIMITED (JICHAI) was formed in 1920 and is the only internal combustion engine manufacturing enterprise under CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). In the past 80 years, we have acquired tremendous experience in the diesel engine industry, and are thus able to offer high quality diesel engines at competitive prices.

Our products are utilized in many areas, from construction equipment, locomotives, and generator sets, to military applications and agricultural equipment, and more. In order to maintain the highest quality, our company has cooperated with many internationally renowned parts suppliers, such as Miba of Germany, Amot of England, and Woodward of America. No matter where your job takes you, JICHAI diesel engines have the reliability and power you need.

Shaanxi diesel engine factory

Shaanxi diesel engine factory (SXD) is the largest medium and high-speed high power Reciprocating diesel engines
factory and diesel generator factory in China, which belongs to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.
Main production MAN machine, Dafa and MTU machine, and the French Thermal Engine Association.

Shanghai MicroPowers Ltd

In 1975, SMDERI of China Ship Research and Development Academy established the special engine research laboratory;
In June 1996, the Special Engine Engineering Research Center was set up;
In August 2002, the R & D and production base with a total investment of RMB 160 million was completed within Pudong ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park. The ownership of the Special Engine Engineering Research Center of SMDERI was wholly transformed to establish Shanghai MicroPowers Ltd.

Weichai Heavy Machinery Co, Ltd

Weichai Heavy Machinery Co, Ltd. is a listed company on the Main Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange(Stock acronym: Weichai heavy machine,code: SZ000880 ). The company specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling 30-12,000 horsepower medium and high speed diesel engines, generating units and power integration systems for ship power and power generation equipment, as well as the operation of diesel engine parts, marine gearbox, etc. 

Zhejiang Yangpu Diesel Engine Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Yangpu Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, introducing international advanced German and Japanese technology, specializing in the production of low-speed diesel engines. Built with 8 total assembly stations and an annual production capacity of 120 units with 1 million horsepower.
The low-speed diesel engine has the advantages of low fuel consumption, long service life, and simple management, and is widely used in various types of ships such as container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, and chemical ships. The power is from 3000hp to 20,000hp.

CSSC Marine Power Co., Ltd

  CSSC Marine Power Co., Ltd. (CMP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), and CMP is also a core enterprise of CSSC. The registered capital of the company is 1.2 billion yuan.

    CMP was established through asset restructuring of Zhenjiang Marine Diesel Works which was founded in 1976 and other Zhenjiang-Based CSSC subsidiaries as per the requirement of the modern enterprise system. The company has been named CSSC Marine Power Co., Ltd. in the September of 2013 from its previous name Zhenjiang CME Co., Ltd.

    CMP has not only introduced MDT production license for medium and low speed engines, but also introduced WinGD production license for low speed engines, and the production license of Daihatsu DK, DC, DE series engines and Mak series engines as well, covering power range from 400kW to 19,020kW.  CMP has obtained ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, and OHSAS18001:2007   certifications from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Company products meet the IMO NOx Emission standard, the company has passed the inspection and obtained approval from nine famous classification societies, such as CCS, GL, LR, ABS, DNV, BV, NK, KR, RINA, etc. The company also has quality assurance and global after-sale service backed up by MDT and WinGD.

    CMP features on producing 4-stroke marine Diesel/DF/Gas engines, 2-stroke engines, alternator, and SCR system as well. Its business is based on marine engine power systems concerning three main sections of power system integration, electrical facilities, and it is formed with global technology services. Meanwhile, the CMP’s products always lead the domestic market share for past decades.

    CMP is located in the Zhenjiang National High-New Technology Industry Development Zone (South bank of  Yangtze River) in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Guangzhou diesel engine factory

Guangzhou diesel engine factory Co., Ltd is an all-capital state-owned enterprise shared by Guangzhou Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd and Shanghai Marine DieselEngine Research Institute, and is a special enterprise of manufacturing medium-speed diesel engines and gas engines. Our products are not only popular in China, but exported to southeast Asia.

Yuchai marinne power

Yuchai Ship Power Co., Ltd (Yuchai Ship Power) is jointly invested by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd, the largest diesel engine manufacturer in China, Zhuhai Qiansheng Investment Management Co. The total investment of the project is 2.5 billion, of which 1.2 billion yuan has been invested in Phase I. In 2014, the company was awarded as “High and New Technology Enterprise” in Guangdong Province. The company is a key enterprise in the implementation of strategic emerging industries in Zhuhai, the company’s technology center is a key enterprise technology center in Zhuhai, and the first phase of the low-speed machine project is listed as one of the key projects of Guangdong Province “adjusting structure and promoting growth”.

Yuchai Marine has the production license of Win GD and MAN two-stroke engines and can manufacture YCMP-Win GD series and YCMP-MAN B&W series marine low-speed engines with an annual capacity of 110 units/1.2 million horsepower. The products are widely used in bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, engineering vessels, large fishing vessels, and other types of ships. The company’s first marine low-speed engine was successfully started on November 11, 2011; in June 2015, the world’s first 5RT-flex50DF dual-fuel low-speed engine produced by the company and put into commercial operation was successfully delivered.

Nantong diesel engine Limited & Nantong TongChai power technology Limited

Nantong diesel engine Limited & Nantong TongChai power technology Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1958, formerly known as the Nantong diesel engine factory, 1993 for the restructuring of joint-stock enterprises, 2010 and China High-Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co (Hong Kong-listed companies, stock code: 00658.HK) implementation of the reorganization of assets, to become “China drive”‘s holding enterprises.

Nantong Diesel company specializes in R & D and production of”FEIJING” NT, TCR, TCU series diesel engines, gas engines, power coverage from 25kW to 2400kW, mainly used in ships, marine auxiliaries, pushing the mainland units, engineering machinery, fire pumps, agricultural irrigation, and drainage power facilities.

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