Time Relay

1. The main types of time relays used by our company are as follows:
☆ Power-on delay type (star-delta start delay): mainly used for damper and fan start delay (90 ~ 120 seconds), star-delta conversion delay (3 ~ 5 seconds), double coil conversion delay (0.5 seconds).
Star Delta start dedicated time relay? The star-delta conversion has a delay of 30 to 70 ms.
☆ Power-off delay type: It is mainly used for fan delay when the electric heating unit is stopped.
☆Reciprocating cycle delay type: mainly used for control of intermittent solenoid valve of the compressor (Büzer)

Intermediate relay / micro relay

1. The difference from the AC contactor: there is no main contact, only the auxiliary contact, and there are multiple pairs of auxiliary contacts.
2. Function: Mainly used for the design of some auxiliary circuits.

thermal relay

1. Working principle: Using the difference between the thermal effect of the current and the deformation coefficient of the bimetal, when the actual passing current exceeds the set allowable current, the bimetal deforms, causing the thermal contact to act, and the disconnection control Loop.
2. Function: Used as overload and phase failure protection, installed after AC contactor. Disadvantages: Do not disconnect the main circuit.
ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 LAD7B106    
2 LRD10C
3 LRD3357C
4 LRD3355C
5 LRD08C
6 Rmia45230AC  AC220V
7 CLD-10A]NR2-25G/Z  10A
8 RXZ400
10 RE7CV11BU  24H
11 LRD4365C
12 [tooltip hint=CJKR(F)-210]LRD4367C
13 LRD06C
14 CAD50G7C
15 CAD32G7C
16 JSS21-A
17 JSS21-C
18 CAD32Q7C
19 ST3PF30S
20 ST3PF5S
21 CZ-140B]LA7-D3064
22 LRD07C
23 LRD12C
24 LRD14C
25 LRD16C
26 LRD22C
27 CAD50M7C
28 CAD32M7C
29 RXM2LB2B7  AC24V  5A
30 LRD4369C
31 HH54P  220V 
32 LRD21C
33 JS920C-2
34 FKWD-45A]LRD04C
35 YLZ-2.5]A9D-30-10 DC24V
36 [tooltip hint=YLZ-2.5]CR-M024AC4L
37 YLZ-2.5]CR-M4SS
38 YLZ-2.5]CR-MH1
39 YLZ-2.5]CA5-10
40 YLZ-2.5]CA5-01
41 CZLZ(F)-6 JS920A-4
42 CZLZ(F)-6 JS920A-6
43 LRD05C
44 CFK(F)-3 NR2-25G/Z  2.5A
45 CFK(F)-3 NR2-25G/Z  6A
46 LRD32C
47 CLD-10A JS920C-3  3min
48 CJKR-105 LRD3359C
49 TMU-220 E16DU2.7
50 TMU-220]E16DU6.3
51 TMU-220]E80DU80
52 LS920C-4
53 CJKR-105*2 2NO+2NC
54 CJKR-105*2 RE7YR13BU
55 JS920C-624H
56 RE7RB13MW
57 CR-M2SS
58 CT-ERE AC24V 0.1-10S ABB
59 CR-M024AC2L
60 TA25DU2.4  ABB
61 CLN-175 LAD-T2
62 LRD3363C
63 TMU-230X2 (15000m3)]JS920C-4
64 LRD3361C
65 LRD35C
66 LRD3365C
67 ZKZ(S)-5B (H2365)]CAD-32B7C
68 FKDD-35FB BR-A1D/150℃
69 JKF-10 TA25DU0.4  ABB
70 JKF-10 TA25DU1.0  ABB
71 CJKR-154 LA2-DS2C
72 CLN-175 ST3PR
73 ST3PF180S
74 JSS21-R
75 CLD-15B APR-3S
76 TA25DU4.0  ABB
77 TA25DU6.5  ABB
78 TA25DU8.5
79 TA25DU1.4
80 TA25DU1.8
81 LRD3353C
82 DMB51CM24
83 TMU-190]LR9-F5371  132-220
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