Jiangsu Zhenya Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

zhenya refrigeration
zhenya refrigeration

Jiangsu Zhenya Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. were established in 2004, design, manufacture various types of refrigeration products.Such as vacuum pre-coolers, Fruit and vegetable vacuum preservation machines, Our products cover many fields such as modern agriculture, commerce, food, shipping, transportation, refrigeration, infrastructure, coal, chemical industry, paper making, etc. We are well known at home and abroad for our excellent casting technology, high-quality product performance, intelligent control system, continuous innovation technology, energy-saving, and environmental protection technology, which can meet the growing global market’s diversified needs.
We focus on building a healthier, more comfortable, more efficient, more innovative, and more effective harmonious environment. Dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs, we know that stable product quality will make us a professional manufacturer of HVAC equipment and ice machines worldwide.
We pursue advanced and practical products, manufacture refrigeration equipment and refrigeration systems with advanced design and manufacturing technologies, and develop energy-saving, friendly, and new refrigeration products.

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      david zhu Founder of hicool

      Hi, I am David, CEO of Hicool, and specialized in the Marine industry for 15 years, I would like to share my experience in this field. Hicool is a leading marine equipment and spare parts supplier, we could supply you a one-stop solution for all your need. If you any questions, contact me, I will manage my best to send you our best advice and solutions.

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