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Hicool Group(Hicool), is a leading company which deliver main engine and auxiliary machinery and spare parts at competitive price, high-quality, all kinds of classification social.

Why Hicool Machinery

mooring winch hicool electric hydraulic engine

Hicool Services

Customer services

Hicool supply good client services for our customers, including design services, consulting services, equipment qualification and so on.

Technical support services

Hicool has a team of experienced engineers to deliver free services of technical when need.

Spare parts services

Hicool could help you find your marine equipment's parts and supply the nameplate of this equipment and part

Training services

Hicool supply good training services for our customers to ensure that new or existing equipment is kept in the optimum operation condition and secures a long life cycle.

Maintenance services

Hicool provide a portfolio of excellent after sales services, customized according to the specific needs of our clients

Other Services

Hicool provide any other service based on your details need

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I am fish boat owner in Palau, we often buy marine anchor windlass from China. It was headache with other Chinese suppliers before. Untill Hicool help me handle everything, from chain to equipment. I just tell him what I need, he will help me supply several solutions for me.
Yon fish boat owner
Fish boat owner

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